Cycling friendly guesthouse

as the gateway of the Shimanami Kaido

"Enjoy cycling leisurely and slowly"
"Imabari, a unique and attractive town"
"Staying at ease with bicycles"
"Good place to meet and mingle with travelers"

Cyclo's house was launched in summer 2014 as Japan's first guesthouse specializing in bicycle travel. It was created by friends who have been promoting community development since 2005 under the theme of "Shimanami Kaido x Bicycle Trip". Our dream was to create a "Shimanami Kaido Cyling Base" while providing tour guides, creating a cycling environment, and publishing maps and guidebooks. The dream came true as Shimanami Guesthouse CYCLONOIE.

The Concept of Shimanami Guesthouse CYCLONOIE1



Get the best local information

Stay here for your first bicycle trip

The information from cyclists who have just run on the Shimanami Kaido is fresh. As CYCLONOIE is operated by staff who love bicycle trips and also handle bicycle travel guides locally, here you will find all the information and services you need for travelers planning to cycling along the Shimanami Kaido. We would be glad if we could support your special trip.

The Concept of Shimanami Guesthouse CYCLONOIE2



The best cycling route in Japan

Traveling through the beautiful islands by bicycle

Here, travelers from all over the world tell their travel stories and share wonderful time and space. Unlike urban cities, the islands in this area have slow time and slow life. We hope to make your journey even better with a comfortable stay and our cycling support.



Guesthouse CYCLONOIE is a simple hostel with private rooms and dormitory rooms. It is convenient location in the center of Imiabari city, you might be able to enjoy local special food. On the other hand, you can cook in our shared kitchen.

The Concept of Shimanami Guesthouse CYCLONOIE

We are collecting cycling information on the Shimanami Kaido to publish a guidebook or organize guided tours. During your stay we may be able to give you good advice on planning your trip.

Our hostel has a space where you can naturally interact with travelers and get information on travel and cycling. An accidental encounter between people should be an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.