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Imabari city, Ehime, Japan

88 temples henro pilgrimage route and the guesthouse in Imabari

The 88 temples pilgrimage (Shikoku Henro) is becoming famous like the spanish road to Santiago. There are 6 of 88 temples in Imabari city where our hometown. We guesthouse CYCLONOIE support the people who travel Shikoku Henro to do some soul-searching, to pray, to challenge and other for several reasons. Our hostel is located in front of JR Imabari station, and it takes about 8 minutes from No.55 Nankobo temple on foot.  It's on the way to No.56 Taizanji temple. Please come in our hostel and make yourself comfortable. 





✔6 of 88 temples and the route in Imabari city


It shows the route from No.54 to 59, the 6 of 88 temples in Imabari city. Only No. 58 is located on the top of mountain (281m), but the others are  in the plain. Most of pilgrims who stay our hostel visit these 6 temples on the same day. Some people return to our guesthouse to pick up their backpacks and others just walk to the hostel in Komatsu town near No.60. 



NO.54 Enmeiji 延命寺

The distance from Mastuyama, Dogo onsen to this temple is about 50km. from No.53 to 54 is about 35km. This coast along route is called Hamakaze-Kaido route, and the landscapes of the sea are so beautiful. If you want to stay one night on the middle of this route from Mastuyama to Imabari, we reccomend the yourth hostel in Hojyo. And the JR Yosan-sen line is also available. 


NO.55 Nankobo 南光坊

No.55 is located in the central part of Imabari city. It takes about 8 minutes from oue guesthouse cyclonoie to this temple on foot. 


NO.56 Taisanji 泰山寺

It is 3km from Cyclonoie. This temple was built to pray for people who died in flood of the Sojagawa-river in the past.  


NO.57 Eifukuji 栄福寺

The distance between No.56 and No.57 is about 3km across the Sojagawa-river. Rice farming is flourishing in this area, so the rice fields are spreading.  


NO.58 Senyuji 仙遊寺

No.58 is located on the top of Mt. Sareizan (281m). The view from here is so beautiful, you can see buildings in Imabari city and Kurushima-Kaikyo bridge. 


NO.59 Kokubunji 国分寺

This temple was the ancient provincial government office of Iyo (Ehime), about 1300years ago.


✔The guest house where o-henro-san welcome in Imabari


Not only Japanese people but also people from all over the world make a pilgrimage of Shikoku 88 temples. This route of Shikoku pilgrimage is becoming famous and getting a lot of attention as the road of Spain pilglimage. In Imabari city, Ehime pref. have 6 temples of the 88. Guesthouse Cyclonoie is the hostel for not only cyclists in Shimanami Kaido, where cycling routes of islands and bridges are populer but also henro pilgrims, motercycle tourists, backpackers. There are a lot of unique local restaurants, Onsen (hot spring), supermarkets and  convenience stores near the guesthouse, so that is very useful for stay. Please have a good stay and have a nice day!  


henro hostel in Imabari 


Both private room and dormitory rooms are available for staying. We have also female dormitory room. The accommodation fee of dormitory room are 2,500yen/pp, and private room, 3,000~4,000yen/pp. Both include shared shower rooms and toilets. Of course free Wi-Fi is available.


picture of the room of cyclonoie

【Accommodation fee】

Dormitory room:(Mixed / Female / Capsule)2,500yen/pp

Private room3,000~4,000yen/pp


Air conditioning Cost +200yen/person/night (In summer and winter season)


We provide no meals, but there are good restaurants for dinner and breakfast near here. The staff will recommend you them when you check-in. Of course we have kitchen, so you are able to cook by yourself. The natural hot spa, onsen is located near our guesthouse, it takes 5 minutes on foot, that is so good when you are tired from walking around all day. 


✔Community rooms

A space to interact among tourists. There is a Bar counter. We provide alcohol and softdrink. You can bring your own drink. No problem! You can cook in the shared mini-kitchen with fridge, IH heater, microwave and sink. There are many magazines about bicycle, travels and information magazines. Please feel free to browse. Information exchange among tourists and a bulletin board to transmit information. Feel free to use internet-linked computer.


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