Cyclists friendly hostel in Shimanami Kaido
What is Guesthouse CYCLONOIE?


This is a guesthouse (simple accommodation) for cyclists at the gateway to the Shikoku side of the Shimanami Kaido, located in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. As CYCLONOIE is operated by staff who love bicycle trips and also handle bicycle travel guides locally,  here you will find all the information and services you need for travelers planning to cycling along the Shimanami Kaido. Then, I would like to introduce the living room, kitchen, bicycle garage and bedrooms in our house.


Exterior illustration of Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse CYCLONOIE


Shimanami Guesthouse CYCLONOIE has the best location for travelers who want to enjoy cycling on the Shimanami Kaido. JR Imabari Station, where our house is located, is the gateway on the Shikoku side of the Shimanami Kaido and is the 0 km point of the cycling road. As the owner and staff of CYCLONOIE love bicycle trips, and also handle cycling guides, so you will find all the information and services travelers need. This is exactly the "cycling base".


Logo of Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse CYCLONOIE シクロの家でしまなみ海道サイクリングの情報収集 しまなみゲストハウスシクロの家内部


Many travelers come here for various purposes: not only cyclists traveling on the Shimanami Kaido, but also backpackers, motorbike-riders, pedestrians, pilgrims of 88 temple in Shikoku, rail trips and business travelers. This diversity might be something surprise of our hostel.


Exterior of Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse CYCLONOIE


At first we introduce access from JR Imabari Station. Having said that, CYCLONOIE is so close to the station that you need to be careful not to go too far. After exiting the east exit of the station, please turn right at the bus terminal. It looks like the photo above.


Map of Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse CYCLONOIE


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10 good things of CYCLONOIE



shimanami kaido cycling



1F: Reception, Cafe & Bar, Living Room 


cafe and bar of Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse CYCLONOIE

Small Cafe & Bar

The round table right after opening the entrance is a shared space and cafe. Here is the reception. Actually this space is open not only to accommodation guests, but also to travelers and locals who want a coffee break. Draft beers and local citrus liqueurs are also available, which are especially great after cycling.




Community Space of Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse CYCLONOIE

Community Space

The shared kitchen and refrigerator are installed in the community space, so you can also cook here if you procure ingredients at a nearby supermarket. Of course, a shared computer and wifi are also available free of charge, and the library has many books on bicycle trips. At night, guests and local friends come together one after another, and a lively feast may begin. It is also good to spend quietly.




Bike Storage Space of Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse CYCLONOIE

Bike Storage Space

Bikes can be parked in indoor spaces during your stay. This garage can accommodate up to about 20 bicycles using a movable bike racks. Inflation and special tools are available, so self-maintenance is possible.




Shared shower rooms of Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse CYCLONOI

Shared shower rooms

There are three shower rooms, one of which is for women only. Body soap and shampoo can be used free of charge, but rental towels cost 100 yen. A hairdryer is provided in the sink.




Other equipments of Shimanami Kaido Guesthouse CYCLONOI

Other equipments

There are two washing machines and dryers, each of which can be used for a fee. There are spaces for hanging laundry both outdoors and indoors. And there are three shared toilets, one of which is dedicated to women.





2F: Dormitory Rooms and Private Rooms 


All rooms are on the second floor. Unlike so-called "hotels", which are based on private rooms, the basics of this accommodation are dormitories with two bunk beds per room. Private rooms do not have many rooms. If you would like a private room, please make an early reservation.

There is no toilet / bathroom in each dormitory room. Please use the shared toilet and shower room.



Female Dormitory & Mixed Dormitory

Dormitory room


The bunk beds are handmade by a local artisan carpenter, and there is only one special bed in the world. In addition, you can take a good night's rest in the futon which the staff keeps clean with heart every day. Lighting and outlets are provided to make your stay comfortable. For privacy, curtains are installed on all beds.


Mixed Dormitory(Capsule)

Dormitory room


In mixed dormitories, we have capsule dormitories in addition to quadruple rooms. It is a space separated one by one like a bed in a capsule hotel.Mixed dormitory is "quadruple room" or "capsule type". We will allocate the room according to the reservation status of the day.


Private Room(Capacity 2 people)

We have a private room for 2 people. Of course, it can be used by one person. Each room has one bunk bed. Of course, this bed is also homemade. There is no toilet or bathroom in the private room. Please use the shared toilet and shower room. For groups of 3 or more, a quadruple room can be reserved. Please consult us.



Details of futon and beds

The beds are very simple to stay at affordable prices. Please prepare your own towels, toothbrushes, and sleepwear. Rental towel: 100 JPY.  Toothbrush: 100 JPY.


【What is provided for each bed】

What is provided for each bed in CYCLONOIE

・Futon 1 set ・Blanket(Winter)
・Extra Sheets*(For mattress and pillow)
・Reading light ・Electrical plugs ・Curtain
・Locker for valuables(Dormitory)

*Blue duvet cover has been washed and replaced everyday too.


The staff keeps the futon clean every day with a proprietary cleaning method that combines a futon dryer, a futon vacuum cleaner, drying on the outside, adhesive tape, and deodorant spray. We would be glad if you have a good sleep in a comfortable bed and enjoy cycling in perfect condition.


The first floor is for conversation and meals, and the second floor is for rest and sleep. The lights are off at 23:00. Many people leave early in the morning. We strive to create an environment where you can take a rest slowly and with peace of mind.


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Shimanami Kaido Cycling



Speciality food of Imabari


There are many convenience stores, supermarkets, public baths, hot springs, and restaurants within walking distance. Yakitori (BBQ chicken) , Yakibuta-tamagomeshi (Pork and egg rice) and fresh seafood, which are special dishes of Imabari, are also attractions that cannot be removed on a trip to the Seto Inland Sea.



There is no need to look up restaurant information in advance. Details will be provided on a handmade map at check-in. Early check-in is recommended to enjoy a leisurely stroll.



Enjoy not only Shimanami Kaido but also Imabari town.
We are waiting for you with a comfortable space.



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