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How to get rental bikes in Shimanami Kaido


Welcome to our webpage. We are local staff of guesthouse in Imabari city and also cycling tour guides. "Shimanami" is the famous bikeway and bridges across the Seto inland sea from Imabari city to Onomichi city in Japan...... Let's get the rental bikes and enjoy cycling!! 


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✔How to Get Rental Bikes......fee, bike quality and how to drop-off


"Let's get a rental bike!"
In Shimanami Kaido, the service of bicycle rental has been improved considerably in recent years. You can get & return the bicycle at any terminals in the Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures. There are also sports type bicycles and electric assisted bicycles that are equipped with multiple gears so that you can run even on a slope. You should choose a service that fits your travel plan and physical fitness.


Mainly 3 types rental bikes are available. One is a publicly-managed rental bike service (Shimanami Rental Bike), the others are "GIANT stores" and a local bike shop "Red Bicycles Onomichi". 


Shimanamikaido-tatara しまなみ海道でサイクリングを楽しむサイクリストたち 来島海峡大橋のアプローチ橋

Shimanami Kaido Cycling


The "Public" have 13 bike-stations (terminals) between Onomichi and Imabari. So you can drop the bike off in each islands and then you can get on the bus or ferry. "GIANT stores" have just only two bike-stations in JR Imabari station; in Onomichi U2, but you can borrow high-quality GIANT road bikes.   "Red Bicycles Onomichi" is a local bike shop in Onomichi.  It provide good rental road bikes to you, but you have to get back to Onomichi. 


Rental bikes service on Shimanami Kaido is as below. 



<Rental bikes service on Shimanami Kaido>

1. Shimanami Rental Bike (Public) 
Lots of terminals / Cheap / Cross-bike City-bike


2. GIANT store
High quality / Good support / Roadbike


3. Red Bicycles Onomichi
Middle quality / Reasonable / Entry-level roadbike




【Map of the rental bike terminals and stores >> Google Map

Shimanami Rental Cycle Terminal


Red Bicycle

※Click the icons. You can get the details.



1.  Shimanami Rental Bike  [public]

Cross-bikes, mountain-bikes and city-bikes with a helmet are available in same rental fee 1,000 yen/day for publicly-managed rental bike service in Shimanami Kaido. And deposit is 1,000 yen/day. Therefore you should pay totally 2,000 yen for each bike when you get bikes.  The deposit will be returned if the bicycle is returned to the same terminal. The nearest terminal from our guesthouse is "JR Imabari station Temporary rental bike station".


"Sunrise Itoyama(サンライズ糸山)" is the central rental bike terminal in Imabari.  If you want to start from Imabari and to make a reservation before arrival, please inquire of "Sunrise Itoyama" about availavility of rental bikes (Sunrise Itoyama) . If you want to start from Onomichi, please check this webpage (Shimanami Rental Bike) .  You can get electric bikes in Sunrise Itoyama, Setoda sunset beach and Onomichi port; tandem bikes in Sunrise Itoyama. However you can not drop-off on another terminals if you borrow these bikes. 


The several terminals on the islands close at 17 pm. However you can return your rental bikes in "Imabari city office" untill 22 pm. >    


types of rental bike.jpg rental bike fee shimanami.jpg



2.  GIANT stores

How about get high quality roadbikes for confortable riding.  Rental bike service of GIANT store will give you it.  There are GIANT store in JR Imabari station and in Onomichi U2.  They provide you with the latest model roadbikes for Shimanami Kaido cycling.  You must make a reservation on the phone before arrival.  The rental fee is 4,000 yen/day for a cross bike; 5,000 yen/day for aluminium roadbike; 7,000 yen/day for a carbon roadbike.  In the case of you want return the bike at another GIANT store, you need to pay 3,000 yen in addition (just for roadbikes, not for cross bike). >  


rental fee of Giant Store.jpg


GIANTstoreOnomichiGIANT store Onomichi
5-11, nishi-gosyo cho, Onomichi city〈in ONOMICHI U2〉
TEL 0848-21-0068
GIANTstoreImabariGIANT store Imabari
1-729-8, Kita-horai cho, Imabari city〈in JR Imabari sta.〉
TEL 0898-25-1175
Closed: every Tues. 



3.  Red Bicycles Onomichi

The local bike shop "THE RED BICYCLES ONOMICHI" provide you with rental entry-level aluminium roadbike.  The rental fee is 3,500 yen for a day, 6,000 yen for 2 days.  These service include a helmet, tire repair tools kits, a headlight and a bike lock.  Of course there is the shop only in Onomichi, you must get back to Onomichi. > .


Red bicycle onomichi
1-10-5, tsuchido, Onomichi city
TEL 0848-21-0655
Closed: every Wed. & Thur.


∇"Public" rental bike have 13 terminals in each islands and Imabari & Onomichi

∇"GIANT store" and "The Red Bicycles Onomichi" provide high-quality roadbikes