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Welcome to our webpage. We are local staff of guesthouse in Imabari city and also cycling tour guides. "Tobishima Kaido" is the beautiful bikeway in the Seto inland sea in Japan......It is located the famous bikeway Shimanami Kaido. How far and how long does it take to do it? What is recommended place? What is the best plan for you?......Let me briefly describe to you helpful tips for cycling Tobishima Kaido. 


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CYCLONOIE gives support to bike tourists in Shimanami Kaido by offering information. We hope we can be of any help to you planning the cycling in Shimanami.








✔What is "Tobishima Kaido"?




"Tobishima-Kaido" is the beautiful cycling route consists of 7 islands in Seto inland sea. Tobishima-Kaido is to the west of Shimanami-Kaido.  Tobishima-Kaido is not commonly known to people as "Shimanami-Kaido", however you should go cycling Tobishima-Kaido if you want to feel real life of Japanese countryside. There are less traffics on the roads here compared to the Shimanami-Kaido. Many cyclists take on ferry from Imabari city to Okamurajima island, and then they start cycling to the islands.



Okamura Bridge and islands


Tobishima-Kaido cycling MAP >> Google Map

― The shortest route
from Okamurajima island to Kure city

― Cycling route
good for cycling 

 ● Accommodations 

 ● Spots 

 ● Restaurants and stores



However it is said that Tobishima-Kaido is not easy for beginners for several reasons; ①. Almost no convenience stores and supermarkets. ②. The bridges with steep slopes. ③. You must check the timetable of ferry (not so many ferries). ④. No bicycle shops.  ⑤. No rental bike service.



Mitarai town(Osakishimojima)







✔The best thing of Tobishima cycling



Beautiful 7 bridges


The bridges in Tobishima-Kaido are really beautiful. You can't help taking picutures. The views of the islands and bridges are so nice. 



Akinada-ohashi bridge(Shimo-Kamagarijima)


The tolls of each bridges are free for cyclists and walkers. If you drive your car, you have to pay toll at Akinada-ohashi bridge in Shimo-Kamagarijima.



The border of Hiroshima pref. and Ehime Pref.(Okamurajima)


岡The border of Hiroshima pref. and Ehime Pref. is on the bridge between Okamurajima and Osakishimojima.



Toyohama-ohashi bridge(Osakishimojima・Toyoshima)


Toyohama-ohashi bridge connected Osakishimojima island and Toyoshima island and Kamagari bridge are truss bridges. 




Along amazing coastlines


Cycling roads in Tobishima-Kaido are absolutely along the coastlines. The seawalls are not so high, and the roads are not narrow. So the Tobishima cycling is very comfortable. If the weather is nice, you can see the mountains in Shikoku and Honshu.



The coastlines cycling in Tobishima Kaido


We particulary recommend the south routes in Osakishimojima, Kami-Kamagarijima and Shimo-Kamagarijima. These are bright, good sceanary and completely flat road.




Old Local town and streets


There are many places where some movies and animations were filmed in the small town of Tobishima-Kaido. You will find picturesque sceanaries at the small streets. 



Ocho town(Osakishimojima)


Mitarai town, Ocho town and Kinoe town have remains of old houses along the street. 



Cafe with books " Neroli no shima"(Ocho port, Osakishimojima)


You can find some special cafe and local restaurants in Tobishima islands. "Maruseki cafe" in Okamurajima island and "Neroli no shima" in Osakishimojima island are popular among cyclists. Please get relax and feel slow life.






✔Rental bikes in Tobishima Kaido

Compared with Shimanami Kaido where the rental bike service was organized, Its in Tobishima Kaido is developing. There are no rental bike terminals in Tobishima Kaido region.  If you'd like to enjoy Tobishima Kaido cycling with rental bikes, you have to get it at the rental bike terminals in Imabari city.


Timetable of Ferry from Imabari to Okamura (Tobishima Kaido)

to Okamura 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Imabari 7:20 8:25 9:30 12:00 14:45 15:30 17:50 19:00
Okamura(Tobishima Kaido)  8:18 9:25 10:28 13:20 16:05 16:28 19:10 19:58


There are just 8 ships per day. The best ferry to get to Tobishima Kaido is No.3 for rental bike. The rental bike terminal in Imabari port opens at 9:00am.





✔Some things to note


Tobishima Kaido region is a very countryside place. It is required that you make elaborate preparation for cycling.


・There are no bike shop


There are no bike shops in Tobishima Kaido region. When the accident such as flat tire occurred, you must repair it by yourself. You had better bring a spare inner tube, tire repair kit and air inflator.



・Check the ferry timetable


There are not so many ferries between Imabari and Tobishima Kaido. You must get back to Okamura Port by the last ferry will departure. 



Timetable of ferry from Tobishima Kaido to Imabari


To Imabari 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Okamura(Tobishima Kaido)  6:20 6:50 8:30 9:35 12:30 13:30 16:15 17:35 18:05
Imabari 7:18 8:10 9:28 10:55 13:28 14:30 17:35 18:33 19:55





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