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Rental Bike FAQ

Hire the bicycles and go touring
on the Shimanami Kaido

“Shimanami Kaido”, which has been selected as one of the “7 best bike routes in the world”, is a cycling route that represents Japan and goes around the islands of the Seto Inland Sea and beautiful bridges. If you are traveling for the first time or have difficulty bringing your own bike, some bicycle rental services are useful. Shimanami Kaido has a public bicycle rental service that can be returned at various places on the island, and can also be used for one-way trips. In addition, there are many services for renting road bikes and electric bicycles.

Please be sure to check each official website and facebook etc for the latest information.

2017/2/1 first released
2022/7/9  last updated

Shimanami Kaido cycling

The Shimanami Kaido, one of the “National Cycle Routes of Japan” is the most famous bikeway in our country. This cycling road consists of 6 islands and 6 bridges and across the Seto Inland Sea between Imabari city and Onomichi city.

Bicycle trip on Shimanami kaido with rental bike
Bicycle trip on Shimanami kaido with rental bike

One of the attractions of “Shimanami Kaido” is that not only advanced cycling people who usually enjoy sports bicycles as a hobby, but also beginners of bicycle trips can enjoy it to their heart’s content. In fact, about half of the cycling guests staying at our guesthouse CYCLONOIE are beginners and enjoy touring on the Shimanami Kaido by renting a bicycle.

Shimanami Kaido is very cyclist friendly
Shimanami Kaido is very cyclist friendly

Shimanami Kaido is very cyclist friendly. The recommended route has a guide line called “Blue Line” so that you don’t get lost even if you don’t have a map. At the entrance of the bridges, there are “approach roads” with gentle slopes to make it easier to climb.

One of the reasons why even beginners can easily try cycling is that the bicycle rental service is substantial. Public bicycle rental service and town bike stores offer sporty bikes for rent, such as cross bikes and road bikes, and some of these services have drop-off system that allows one-way bike trips.



Shimanami Kaido Cycling-inspired dividing line


[PR] Original cycling maps of Shimanami Kaido

The cycling map, “Shimanami Toso Map” is exclusively for cyclists who want to cycle the Shimanami Kaido. This is published by CycloTourisme Shimanami, which is based in Imabari City and works on regional development and cycle tourism.

shimanami toso map: cycling maps of shimanami kaido
“TOSO” means riding around the islands.

This is sold in a set of seven maps ─ Oshima Island, Hakatajima Island, Omishima Island, Kamijima Town, Ikuchijima Island, Innoshima Island&Mukaishima Island and Imabari City.

The English version of the cycling map, which has been a favorite of Japanese bicycle travelers, is now on sale at If you plan to cycle the Shimanami Kaido, get this map in advance. This is also sold at the guest house “Cyclonoie” in front of Imabari Station.



Shimanami Kaido Cycling-inspired dividing line



What kind of rental cycle?

There are several types of rental cycle services for “Shimanami Kaido” as follows. Bicycles rented by the public Shimanami Rental Cycle can be dropped off at the terminal on the route. The service also has sports-type bicycles with multiple gears or electrically assisted bicycles to make it easier to ride on slopes.

3 bests rental bike services

Here are three bicycle rental services that are often used by guests staying at CYCLONOIE.

Shimanami Rental Bike the most commonly used bicycle rental on the Shimanami Kaido
Shimanami Rental Cycle

[Punlic] There are 10 terminals, many bicycles and models. The most commonly used bicycle rental on the Shimanami Kaido.

Red Bicycles Onomichi rental bike service
Red Bicycles Onomichi

This is road bike and E-bike rental service provided by a bicycle shop in Onomichi. It has a good reputation for its kindness and high quality bicycles.

GIANT store rental bike in the Shimanami Kaido
GIANT store

High quality road bikes and e-bikes are also available for rent here. There are official stores in both Imabari and Onomichi.

In addition, local bicycle shops and other stores offer their own bicycle rental services. Please check the list in later chapters.

The types of bicycles you can rent, rental fees, terminal locations, and drop-off systems vary depending on the service of each bicycle rental. I dropped the location of each bicycle rental service terminal on Google Maps.

Let’s compare the characteristics of some Shimanami Kaido bicycle rental services. First of all, I would like to introduce (1) Public Shimanami Rental Cycle, which is the most used by guests staying at CYCLONOIE.

・Central rental cycle terminal “Sunrise Itoyama” has been expanded and renewed. The bicycle storage and parking space have been expanded and newly installed, and the car wash space and bicycle assembly space have been completed.(7th JUN 2020)

・”JR Imabari Station Cycling Terminal” was newly opened. The temporary terminal under the overpass was abolished and moved to a new facility in front of the station. The number of bicycles has increased and the facilities have been expanded.。(20th JULY 2020)

・The operation of the public Shimanami Rental Cycle has become the centralized management of Shimanami Japan Inc. Due to the consolidation and abolition of terminals, a total of 13 locations have been changed to a total of 10 locations.(1st APR 2022)


Shimanami Rental Cycle

Public “Shimanami rental cycle” that can be rented on both Ehime and Hiroshima prefectures. This is the bicycle rental service most often used by guests staying at CYCLONOIE. Originally run by the municipal government of Imabari city and Onomichi city, it is now privatized and run by Shimanami Japan Inc. For convenience, we call it “Public”.

Where can I rent a bicycle?

Map of rental bikes terminals in Shimanami Kaido

There are 10 terminals* and 1 drop-off point along the Shimanami Kaido. Since there are no restrictions such as “you absolutely have to go to Onomichi by bicycle”, you may be able to travel comfortably. Of course, helmet rental is also included in the plan. Depending on how long you can stay, it is also a good idea to travel only one island or partly in combination with a boat or bus.

Some public terminals have not only cross bikes and city bikes, but also electrically power assisted bicycles and tandem bicycles. However, when renting those bicycles, there are restrictions such as not being able to drop off at another terminal, so confirmation is required in advance.

*In 2022, the terminals of Shimanami Rental Cycle were consolidated and abolished.

Display the rental cycle of Shimanami Kaido on Google Maps.

 Rental Bike TerminalLocationOpenBus stop or port
ImabariJR Imabari StationIn front of Imabari Sta.8:00 – 20:00Imabari Station BS
Imabari Port Community CenterNext to the port office9:00 – 17:00Imabari Port
Ferry to Omishima
Innoshima, Oshima, Hakatajima
Sunrise ItoyamaFoot of the 1 st bridge8:00 – 20:00Inconvenient public transportation
Free car parking
OshimaYoshiumi RTYoshiumi Iki-iki Kan9:00 – 17:00Inconvenient public transportation
Miyakubo RTMiyakubo Tourist Information9:00 – 17:00Inconvenient public transportation
HakatajimaHakata RTHakata SC Park9:00 – 17:00Hakatajima BS
Bus to Imabari Sta.
OmishimaOmishima RTShimanami-no-eki Mishima8:30 – 17:00Oyamazumi Jinjyamae BS
Bus to Imabari Sta.
Kamiura RTTatara Shimanami Park9:00 – 17:00Omishima BS
Bus to Imabari Sta.
to Fukuyama Sta.
IkuchijimaSetoda Sunset Beach9:00 – 17:00Inconvenient public transportation
Setoda Information CenterIn front of Ikuo Hirayama museum9:00 – 17:00Close to Setoda Port
Ferry to Onomichi
InnoshimaHabu PortMunicipal Central Car Park8:30 – 19:00
or – 18:00
Habu Port BS
Bus to Onomichi
Habu Port
Ferry to Imabari, Mihara
MukaishimaCivic Center Mukaishima8:30 – 19:00
or – 18:00
OnomichiOnomichi PortEkimae-kowan Car Park7:00 – 19:00
8:00 – 18:00
Close to JR Onomichi Sta.
ImabariReturn OnlyJR Imabari Station24 hours 

Depending on the terminal, the location is different, such as near the station, near the bus stop, and near the port, so you should check in advance the points where you can finish your bicycle trip on the way in case of emergency.

Can I drop off the bicycle?

Cross bikes and city cycles can be returned at all terminals. There are restrictions on where to return electrically power assisted bicycles and tandem bikes. That means you don’t have to go back to the starting point after cycling the Shimanami Kaido. (There are restrictions on the return location for electrically power assisted bicycles and tandem motorcycles.)
One-way cycling plans between Imabari and Onomichi and plans to cycle only some islands using boats and buses are also popular.

Is there a drop-off fee?

When renting a bicycle for public service, you will be required to pay a “guarantee fee: 1100 yen / unit” in addition to the rental fee. This 1100 yen will be refunded if you return it to the same terminal where you rented the bicycle. In other words, the guarantee fee almost means the drop-off fee.

JR imabari rental bike terminal for shimanami kaidonear Cyclonoie
JR imabari rental bike terminal for shimanami kaido

Can I make a reservation for a rental cycle?

If you want to hire the bicycle at any of the 10 public bicycle rental terminals along the Shimanami Kaido, you can make a reservation on the Shimanami Japan Inc.’s website or by phone, 0848-22-3911 (up to 4 days in advance). It seems that advance reservations may not be accepted during large-scale events or during busy seasons. When I contacted Shimanami Japan Inc., they answered, “Reservations are not always required, and some bicycles provided on a first-come, first-served basis are also available.”.

Shimanami JAPAN Inc.
1-4-1, Bekkusho, Imabari city*
TEL 0848-22-3911

*The head office moved from Onomichi city to Imabari city on 1st April, 2022.

By what time should I return it?

If you are worried that you will be able to return the item in time for the closing time, check in advance where you can return it even at a late time. On the Onomichi city side, even the terminal that can be used until the latest is until 19:00. On the other hand, on the Imabari city side, you can return it at the JR Imabari station cycling terminal or Sunrise Itoyama until 20:00. In addition, there is an unmanned return spot (return documents etc. to a dedicated post and lock the bicycle to park) that can be used 24 hours a day behind the JR Imabari station cycling terminal. Only those who are staying can return it at some accommodation facilities such as “CYCLONOIE”.

What kind of bicycle can I rent?

In addition to the “city cycle” (so-called mamachari), you can also rent sports-type bicycles such as “cross bikes” and “mountain bikes” at the public bicycle rentals on the Shimanami Kaido. Bicycles from Bridgestone, Giant and other local manufacturers are available.

Type of the bicycles in Shimanami Rental Bike

Tandem bicycles, electric bicycles, and children’s bicycles have limited terminals or need to return to the same rental location. E-bike lending has started on a trial basis as well.

What type of bicycle is recommended for beginners?

For travelers who cycle all over the Shimanami Kaido, cross bikes are recommended over city cycles. It is a sports type bicycle that is relatively easy to ride even for beginners. If you want to enjoy a part of Shimanami Kaido in a few hours, you can choose “electric bicycle” or “E-bike”.

How much does it cost to rent a bicycle?

At the public bicycle rental terminal on the Shimanami Kaido, the fee is 2000 yen per day for adults and 500 yen per day for children (elementary school students and younger). When renting, a separate guarantee fee of 1100 yen (500 yen for children) will be deposited. If you return it to the same terminal as the place you rented it during business hours, this guarantee fee will be refunded. Rental fees are different for tandem bicycles and electric bicycles.

TypeAdult / dayChild / dayDeposit
Cross Bike2000500Adult 1100
Child 500
City Bike
Mini Velo
Tandem Bike3000
Electric Bike
2500 (6 h)

*The guarantee fee will be cashed back when you return it at the same terminal as when you borrowed it or at the terminal on the same island.

E-bikes that can be rented at Sunrise Itoyama and Onomichi Port have a special charge format. ① Within 4 hours 4000 yen (cannot be dropped off) ② Daily use 7000 yen (can be dropped off only at Onomichi Port, not drop-off at other terminals). You can choose from these two plans. The drop-off fee for the E-bike in Plan ② is +2000 yen, and advance reservations are not possible.

Can I rent a helmet?

One helmet can be rented for free per bicycle. Wearing the helmet when riding a bicycle is not mandatory under Japanese law, but it does help reduce the risk of a serious accident. It also takes time for ambulances to arrive on the island. It is highly recommended to wear a helmet when cycling on the Shimanami Kaido. Wear your helmet properly and enjoy safe cycling.



Cyclonoie cyclist base of the Shimanami Kaido

If you stay in our guesthouse CYCLONOIE our local cycling guide staff can provide you with recommendations and tips about the Shimanami Kaido and can help you to plan your perfect trip. Other guests can also share tips and tell you about their experiences cycling the Shimanami Kaido! 

Some impression images of Shimanami Guesthouse Cyclonoie


The Red Bicycles

The local bicycle shop “THE RED BICYCLES ONOMICHI” in the shopping district near Onomichi Station also offers a bicycle rental service for Shimanami Kaido Cycling. It is a rental cycle service with the highest satisfaction level of guests who rode from Onomichi to “Cyclonoie”.


What kind of bicycle can I rent?

At THE RED BICYCLES ONOMICHI, you can rent an entry model (for beginners) road bike, Merida’s aluminum road bike “RIDE 80” or “RIDE 210”. These are models that are easy to ride even for beginners on road bikes, and I think they can run fast on the slopes of the Shimanami Kaido. It has also started a rental service for electric cross bikes.

Red bicycles of "The Red Bicycles Onomichi"
Red bicycles of “The Red Bicycles Onomichi”

How much does the Red Bicycles rent?

You can rent an aluminum road bike for 3850 yen on the day and 6600 yen for 2 days. The rental cycle fee includes rental of the helmet, puncture repair kits, a front light, a wire lock, and a saddle cushion cover. It seems that you can also attach a “binding pedal” as an option.

Can I return the bicycle in Imabari?

Of course, THE RED BICYCLES ONOMICHI, a small privately run bicycle shop, is only in Onomichi, so basically you can’t drop off at Imabari. Red Bicycles bikes are especially recommended for those planning to start cycling in Onomichi and return to Onomichi. If you are planning a one-way cycling on the Shimanami Kaido between Onomichi and Imabari, it is convenient to use the high-speed bus “Shimanami Cycle Express” between Imabari and Onomichi where you can ride a bicycle (this bus was abolished in June 2020).

Postscript: By using Omishima WAKKA’s bicycle return service, you can now return your bicycle anywhere in the area, even in Imabari. Advance reservations are required on the WAKKA website.

What is the impression of the person who actually borrowed it?

Guests who start from Onomichi, stay at our guest house CYCLONOIE in Imabari, and return to Onomichi the next day often use the rental cycle of THE RED BICYCLES ONOMICHI. If you are very tired, you can also take a shortcut by boat from Imabari port to Habu port (Innoshima island) returning to Onomichi. When I asked the guests who actually hired that bicycle, it was said that “The red bike was reasonably priced and very easy to ride.”

Red Bicycles are very popular at CYCLONOIE
Red Bicycles are very popular at CYCLONOIE

Why not try cycling the Shimanami Kaido on a reasonably-cool, bright red road bike?

1-10-1, Tsuchido, Onomichi city
TEL 0848-21-0655
Closed: every Wed. & Thur.

the store of the red bicycles onomichi rental bikes for Shimanami kaido cycling


Guidebook of Shimanami Kaido cycling plans we published
Guidebook of Shimanami Kaido cycling plans we published


Giant Store

There are shops of Taiwanese bicycle maker “GIANT” in Onomichi and Imabari, and they offer the bicycle rental service specializing in Shimanami Kaido cycling. Even if you are a beginner riding a road bike for the first time, a bicycle professional will give a lecture in an easy-to-understand manner, so it is highly recommended for those who are uneasy about their first bicycle trip.

What kind of bicycle can I rent? Prices?

At Giant Store Onomichi and Giant Store Imabari, you can rent the latest models of road bikes and high-performance bicycles. The daily rental fee is 4000 yen for cross bikes, 5000 yen for aluminum road bikes, and 7000 yen for carbon road bikes. Advance reservation is required.

Is one-way cycling possible?

You can select a one-way plan for +3000 yen when making a reservation online. It seems that the number and types of bicycles that can be returned at another store are limited, so if you would like a one-way plan, please contact the giant store as soon as possible.

Type2 days1 day5 hoursaddition / dayaddition / hone-way
Aluminum Road Bike8,0005,0003,5004,5001,100+3,000
Carbon Road Bike12,0007,0005,0005,6001,600+3,000
Premium Carbon Road Bike20,00013,0009,00010,4003,000unavailable
City Bike (Cross Bike)6,5004,0003,0003,500900unavailable
Kids’ Bike5,0003,0002,0002,500500unavailable

※The number of one-way plans is limited, and only road bikes, for only 1~2 day plan.
※Giant Store Imabari is closed every Tuesday, so it cannot be returned on that date.


GIANT store Imabari
1-729-8, Kita-horai cho, Imabari city〈in JR Imabari sta.〉
TEL 0898-25-1175
Open 9:00~19:00
Closed: every Tuesday


GIANT store Onomichi
5-11, nishi-gosyo cho, Onomichi city〈in ONOMICHI U2〉
TEL 0848-21-0068
Open 9:00~19:00




Is there a return service?

Comprehensive cycling support by WAKKA
Comprehensive cycling support by WAKKA

“WAKKA”, which provides comprehensive cycling support in Omishima, offers services such as bicycle taxi, bicycle return, same-day delivery, and on-site repair. WAKKA is affiliated with several rental services such as Red Bicycles Onomichi and GIANT Store, so an agent will return it instead of you. It is a paid service that requires advance reservations, but it is convenient for one-way cycling.




List of bike rental services

I have listed the companies that offer rental cycle services that are not public Shimanami rental bicycles. In addition to this, there is also a private bicycle rental service for guests at accommodation facilities.


Imabari side

Store / ServiceType of bicycle1 day rental feeHomepage
Giant Store ImabariRoad Bike, Cross Bike, E-bike, Kids4,000~Details >
CYCLEFIXRoad Bike3,500~Details >
CycloTourisme ShimanamiTouring Bike and Camping Gear8,000~Details >
Wakka (Omishima)E-bike8,000~Details >


Onomichi side

Store / ServiceType of bicycle1 day rental feeHomepage
Giant Store OnomichiRoad Bike, Cross Bike, E-bike, Kids4,000~Details >
The Red Bicycle OnomichiRoad Bike, E-bike3,850~Details >
BETTER BICYCLESCity cycle2,200~Details >
Onomichi BaseMini Velo, Electric Mini Velo, Cross Bike, Kids3,500~Details >
Tabitasu (Ikuchijima)
Cross Bike, Mini Bello, Kids Trailer3,500~Details >
Shiomachitei (Ikuchijima)Cross Bike2,000~Details >

If you plan to traverse the Shimanami Kaido in one way, the delivery rental cycle plan of “Tabitasu”, which has a store on Ikuchi Island, is also convenient. It is a service that delivers and collects rental bicycles to the desired location. There is an additional charge for this plan, but it is a reassuring service for beginners as it includes baggage transportation and puncture repair support.




Guided tour events

The local NPO “CycloTourisme Shimanami” in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, holds several cycling event tours and custom-made guided tours for beginners around the Shimanami Kaido. CycloTourisme Shimanami owns many bicycles and can be rented mainly to tour participants.


What kind of bicycle can you rent?

CycloTourisme Shimanami tour participants can also rent cross bikes and tandem bicycles for beginners (with a helmet and saddle cushion cover). Cannondale’s Road Tandem: A paid rental service for two-seater road bikes (6,000 yen / unit per day) and bicycle rental service with camping equipments are also available for the general public who are not participating in the tour. The tandem bicycle rental service also includes rental plans for media and bridal.


What kind of guided tour does it have?

CycloTourisme Shimanami mainly hold slow cycling tours where you can enjoy the unknown scenery of the islands of the Seto Inland Sea and interact with the people of the islands. The main tour events are as follows (1) Cyclo Women’s Trip: Beginner and women only tour, (2) Shimanami Camp Ride: Crossing the Shimanami Kaido while camping, and (3) Tandem Bicycle Festival: Tandem bicycle enthusiasts from all over Japan gather. In addition these, day trips and custom-made tours are also held at any time.


What kind of vehicle is a tandem bicycle?

Even if there is a difference in running ability between the two, you can travel together with a tandem bicycle. Currently, in Japan, as a vehicle that allows you to enjoy cycling with or without a handicap, legislation is underway throughout Japan to allow tandem bicycles to run on public roads. (In both Ehime and Hiroshima prefectures, tandem bicycles can be run on public roads from 2010.)




Reports of renting bikes

Got a bike at Imabari sta.

location of the JR imabari Station CYCLING Terminal

I came to the public rental cycle terminal “JR Imabari Station Cycling Terminal” which is a 1-minute walk from CYCLONOIE. The terminal at Imabari Station used to be temporarily operated as “JR Imabari Station Temporary Rental Cycle Terminal” under the elevated railroad, but on 20th July, 2020, a splendid terminal was newly built and “JR Imabari Station Cycling Terminal (i.i.imabari Cycle Station) ”was opened. It is right in front of the east exit of the station and is open from 8:00 to 20:00. It used to be from 8:30 to 17:00, so it’s much more convenient.

JR Imabari Station Cycling Terminal (i.i.imabari Cycle Station)
JR Imabari Station Cycling Terminal (i.i.imabari Cycle Station)

I wrote the documents at the reception and paid a rental fee of 2000 yen and a guarantee fee of 1100 yen, for a total of 3100 yen. After that, I will choose a bicycle to be my partner all day today. The guarantee fee of 1100 yen will be refunded if you return your bike here (at the same terminal) during today’s business hours.

Compared to the Central Rental Cycle Terminal (Sunrise Itoyama), the number and types of bicycles are a little smaller, but it is convenient for those who come to Imabari by JR or bus because it is in front of the station. It takes about 30-40 minutes from here to the entrance of Shimanami Kaido. There is also a blue line on the road from Imabari Station, so you can go to the Shimanami Kaido with confidence. If you really want to rent at Sunrise Itoyama, you can also go by bus or JR & on foot. Considering the waiting time of trains and buses, it may be possible to think that it is faster to ride.

If you come to Imabari by car and want to park somewhere and rent a bicycle, “Sunrise Itoyama” is convenient. Parking at Sunrise Itoyama and nearby Itoyama Park are free of charge. It is recommended to park your car here and enjoy cycling!

JR Imabari Station Cycling Terminal
773-8, 2 chome-ko, Kitahoraicho, Imabari city
TEL 0898-34-3190


Got a bike at Giant store

I want to ride a high quality bicycle on the Shimanami Kaido! So, I rented a bicycle at “Giant Store Imabari”, which is a 1-minute walk from CYCLONOIE. Giant Store Imabari is just outside the east exit of JR Imabari Station.

location of the Giant store Imabari

The shop is open from 9:00 to 19:00 and is closed on Tuesdays. The one-way plan has some restrictions and must be reserved in advance. This time I rented an aluminum road bike for a day, enjoyed cycling on Oshima & Hakatajima on the Shimanami Kaido, then returned to Imabari and planned to return it to “Giant Store Imabari”.

Got a bike at Giant store

I went through the procedure at the counter in the back of the store. I made a reservation on the website in advance, so the procedure was stress-free. Fill out the required items on the form as instructed by the clerk. All I had to prepare was a driver’s license, passport, or anything else that could prove my identity. I received a brief lecture on how to rent a bicycle and what to do if you have a flat tire. The procedure was completed in about 10 minutes.

Bicycles for test riding at Giant store on shimanami kaido

Bicycles for test riding were lined up in the store. It’s nice to be able to try out the latest models as well. E-Bike rental is also available, so even those who are not confident in their physical strength can easily enjoy cycling on the Shimanami Kaido.

Shimanami Kaido Cycling Information Corner at Giant store on shimanami kaido

This is the Shimanami Kaido Cycling Information Corner set up in the “Giant Store Imabari” store. It was nice to have a lot of free papers such as cycling maps and get this information before departure.

lockers and shower rooms at GIANT STORE IMABARI

Of course, there is also a space for changing into sportswear, and lockers and shower rooms that can be used free of charge by those who rent a bicycle. Great! Even those who do not rent a bicycle can rent a shower for 400 yen each time including towel rental.

The road bike I rented from GIANT STORE

The road bike I rented this time. It is an aluminum road bike that costs 3,500 yen for 5 hours, 5,000 yen for a day trip, and 8,000 yen for 2 days and 1 night. I was able to drive comfortably on the Shimanami Kaido, which was more than enough. By the way, it was also equipped with a replacement tube for emergencies. It is a system that pays the tube fee at the time of return at the actual cost when used.





Tobishima Rental Bike

Unlike the Shimanami Kaido, the Tobishima Kaido did not have a bicycle rental service that allows you to drop off at various points along the route. The only way to rent a bicycle on the Tobishima Kaido was to use the service for the Shimanami Kaido. But finally! From August 10, 2017, a full-scale rental cycle service has started on the Tobishima Kaido!

Tobishima rental bike
Tobishima rental bike has started

Is one-way cycling possible?

Tobishima rental bike require advance reservations, and bicycles can be dispatched or dropped off at each point of Okamura port, Oocho port, Ocho port, Kenminnohama Beach, Shimo-kamagari Cottage Kajigahama, and JR Nigata Station. In other words, if you make a reservation in advance, the employee will bring the bicycle to the specified point at the specified time. You can drop off the bicycle at the specified point as well. It is a very convenient system for those who are planning one-way cycling.

How much does a rental bicycle cost?

The price of Tobishima Rental Bike varies depending on the type of electric bike, cross bike, small wheel bike or children’s bike, and whether it is a 3 hours plan or an 8 hours plan. Helmet rental is included in all plans.

Bike type3 hours8 hours
Electric bike1,500 yen3,000 yen
Cross bike, Small wheel bike1,000 yen2,000 yen
Kid’s bike500 yen1,000 yen

For those who want to run or make a round trip while sightseeing on the Tobishima Kaido, it is common to rent a bicycle with 8 hours plan. In addition, if you plan to have your bicycle dispatched to a designated place or drop it off, an additional fee will be charged for each bicycle. In other words, there is no additional charge only if you rent or return at the reception ”Shimo-kamagari Cottage Kajigahama”.

Additional feeEach bike
Dispatched1,000 yen
Drop-off1,000 yen

For example, if you request one cross bike to be dispatched to Okamura Port, rent it for 8 hours, and then drop it off at JR Nigata station (That means one-way cycling), the rental fee is 2,000 yen + the dispatch fee is 1,000 yen + the drop-off fee is 1,000 yen. It will be 4,000 yen in total. For reservations and inquiries, please contact ”Shimo-kamagari Cottage Kajigahama” on Shimo-kamagari island.

Cottage Kajigahama
839-16, Shimojima, Shimo-kamagari cho, Kure city, Hiroshima pref.
TEL 080-2927-2504





Thank you for reading

Lots of tourists who enjoy cycling and have cycled the Shimanami Kaido stay at our Gusethouse Cyclonoie, so why not come and share your experiences with us and our guests! We are always happy when people share their feelings and thoughts of both the Inland Seto Sea and the Shimanami Kaido. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying “It was an amazing experience”, or that “It was an awesome cycling route” or that “It was one of your best experiences in Japan!”, you wouldn’t be the first! As residents of the Shimanami Kaido and bicycle enthusiasts, these happy sentiments are always encouragement for us working here and we really hope we can be of some help to you when you are planning your trip.  We, the staff at Cyclonoie are looking forward to meeting you! Thanks for reading and safe travels!



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