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Tobishima Kaido Cycling FAQ

What a wonderful "island-hopping" bike touring
Helpful tips for cycling the Tobishima Kaido

Why don’t you go on a bicycle trip to Tobishima Kaido? There is a special route called “Tobishima Kaido” on the west side of “Shimanami Kaido” which is famous as a cycling road representing Japan. It’s another specialty. The route connecting the seven islands with a bridge is still not well known even to Japanese cyclists, despite the spectacular scenery. There is no doubt that you will be addicted to the quaint scenery unique to the “Tobishima Kaido”, such as the open scenery along the sea and the old townscape. It’s no wonder that it’s the location for movies such as “Drive My Car” and “Tokyo Family.” On this web page, the staff of Cyclo House introduces information for enjoying “Tobishima Kaido” cycling even for the first time . Cycling information is now being sent to guests planning a “Tobishima Kaido” trip!

Please be sure to check each official website and facebook etc for the latest information.


2017/5/15 first released
2023/10/28  last updated
Author: MURAKAMI Masayuki


Tobishima Kaido cycling


location map of Tobishima Kaido


“Tobishima Kaido (とびしま海道)” is the beautiful cycling route consists of 7 islands in Seto inland sea. Tobishima-Kaido is to the west of Shimanami Kaido. Tobishima Kaido is not commonly known to people as “Shimanami Kaido”, however you should go cycling Tobishima Kaido if you want to feel real life of Japanese countryside.



islands of Tobishima Kaido


There are less traffics on the roads here compared to the Shimanami Kaido. Many cyclists take on ferry from Imabari city to Okamura island, and then they start cycling to the islands.


Bike touring image pictures of Tobishima Kaido
Wonderful bike touring on Tobishima Kaido


The shortest route from Okamura island to JR Kawajiri station is about 30km, so many cyclists plan the round trip with both north coast and south coast ways. Most of the Tobishima Kaido road is on the coast, so almost roads are almost flat except for the bridge.


PR tobishima kaido cycling map "Tobishima Toso Map"










Where should I start?


Many cyclists traveling on the Tobishima Kaido choose either Imabari city or Kure city as their starting point.


from Imabari, Ehime pref

Using the ferry or passenger ship from Imabari port to Okamura port.

from Kure, Hiroshima pref

Depart from Kure city and cross the bridges to Okamura Island.

Whether you are based in Imabari or Kure, we recommend spending a full day if you plan to cycle around the entire Tobishima Kaido. The plan to cycle the Shimanami Kaido from Onomichi city for one night in Imabari and then spend the next day cycling the Tobishima Kaido is exactly the “Shimanami / Tobishima Golden Course”.


Location of some cycling road such as Tobishima kaido and Shimanami Kaido
Tobishima Kaido and surrounding cycling routes


Various other plans are possible. For example, (1) a plan to cycle the Hamakaze Kaido by combining Kure-Matsuyama ferries, and (2) a plan to travel the “Setouchi Triangle” route that combines the Tobishima Kaido, Shimanami Kaido and Sazanami Kaido. If you have a longer vacation, it’s a good idea to cycle more extensively.




Recommended route?



― Shortest route
Between Okamura and Kure city

― Explorer route
Good route for cycling

 ● Green
Scenery and stop-by spots

 ● Orange
Restaurants and cafes 

 ● Red
Accommodations, hostels 

How to use this map ↑ on Google Map app

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 ①.Click small ★star next to the upper map title(☆⇒★).
 ②.Open the Google Maps app on your phone.
 ③.Click ” ≡ ” at the upper left
 ④.My Places > Maps > Tobishima Kaido cycling route



Is there a lot of slope?


The height difference when cycling from Okamura island to JR Kure Station on the Tobishima Kaido main route (red route on Google My Maps above) is as follows.



Tobishima Kaido Cycling Course Distance and Height Difference


※The height difference of other routes is introduced in “Tobishima toso MAP”.


Cycling on the Tobishima Kaido requires climbing to a bridge connecting the islands (several tens of meters high), but there are almost no passes on the coastline route within the island. Cyclists can enjoy an exhilarating seaside ride on either the north or south route of any island. In Japan, bicycles must pass on the left side, so it is recommended that you can always run on the seaside of the road by going around the islands clockwise.


But compared to Shimanami Kaido, Tobishima Kaido has few convenience stores, supermarkets, and bicycle stores, so it is important to prepare in advance and collect information. In other words, it is an area with a very small population. You should also check the departure time of the ferries that operate only a few times a day.





Cyclonoie cyclist base of the Tobishima Kaido


If you stay in our guesthouse CYCLONOIE our local cycling guide staff can provide you with recommendations and tips about the Shimanami Kaido / Tobishima Kaido and can help you to plan your perfect trip.


Some impression images of Shimanami Guesthouse Cyclonoie









It is said that the Tobishima Kaido has a different charm from the Shimanami Kaido. Below are four topics that introduce cycling attractions unique to the Tobishima Kaido.


Many characteristic bridges


Seven large and small bridges are built on the main route of the Tobishima Kaido, and what is noteworthy is its unique and beautiful design. Bridges with a different design from the Shimanami Kaido make cycling on the Tobishima Kaido more attractive.


Characteristic Akinada Bridge (Shimo-kamagari Island) crossed by Tobishima Kaido Cycling
Akinada-ohashi bridge(Shimo-kamagari)


Cyclists and pedestrians do not need tolls for each bridge. For cars and motorcycles, tolls will be charged only at Akinada-ohashi bridge (Shimo-kamagari island). Kure city offers a special service where you can get a toll ticket for Akinada-ohashi bridge when you buy something over 1000 yen at a registered restaurant or shop. This is good information for car travelers.


The border between Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures on the Tobishima Kaido
The border between Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures(Okamura)


Cyclistes departing from Okamura island first crosses three small bridges: Okamura-ohashi bridge, Nakanoseto-ohashi bridge, and Heira bridge to Osaki-shimojima island. Actually, there is a prefectural border between Ehime and Hiroshima prefectures here. Okamura island is in Imabari city, Ehime prefecture, but from Osaki-shimojima to Kure city, Hiroshima prefecture.


Toyohamao Bridge and Ship Festival on Tobishima Kaido
Toyohama-ohashi bridge and ship festival on Tobishima Kaido(Toyoshima)


The Toyohama bridge, which connects Osaki-shimojima island and Toyoshima island, and the Kamagari bridge, which connects Kami-kamagari island and Shimo-kamagari island, are truss bridges built into multiple triangles. The light blue bridge blends in with the color of the sea to create a beautiful landscape.


Cycling along the coastlines


The coastline of the islands has a terrain that makes the mountains fall into the sea. As a result, almost all roads run just past the coastline. Since the breakwater is low, you can feel the sea up close and cycle while listening to the sound of the waves, which is the most comfortable. On a clear day, you can see the mountains of Shikoku.


Tobishima Kaido Seaside Cycling Toyoshima Minami Route
The south route of Toyoshima island(Toyoshima)


In particular, the south routes of Osaki-shimojima island, Kami-kamagari island, and Shimo-kamagari island are bright and scenic. These several roads are ideal for cycling as you can ride through flat routes with spectacular ocean views.



Wonderfully beautiful observatories


Even cyclists who like to climb mountains by bicycle, “Hill Climber”, should definitely visit the islands of the Tobishima Kaido. Almost every island has several observatories. And after the steep slopes, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view.


Scenery from the beautiful observatory unique to Tobishima Kaido
Beautiful scenery from the observatories


Recommended for hill climb lovers such as Nagatani observatory on Okamura island, Mt. Kannominesan on Osaki-kamijima island, Mt. Ippoujisan on Osaki-shimojima, Mt. Jumonjiyama observatory on Toyoshima island, and Ohirayama park on Shimo-kamagari island.


Old-fashioned Japanese countryside landscape


The islands of Tobishima Kaido have become locations for numerous films such as Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s “Drive My Car”, Yoji Yamada’s “Tokyo Family”, Shuichi Okita’s “The Mohican Comes Home” and Hiroyuki Okiura’s “Letter to Momo”. These islands are movie locations for several TV commercials and animation as well. The biggest attraction of Tobishima Kaido is picturesque scenery.


Nostalgic scenery in the villages of the islands of the Tobishima Kaido
Nostalgic scenery in the villages of the islands of the Tobishima Kaido


Especially I like the retro feel of scenery in the villages of Sekizen (Okamura island), Mitarai and Oocho (Osaki-shimojima island), and Kinoe (Osaki-kamijima island). You will want to wander into the narrow alleys in the emotional landscape. It might be a good idea to get off your bike and take a walk.


A nice cafe that you want to stop by by cycling on the Tobishima Kaido
Nice cafes on Tobishima Kaido


In recent years, attractive cafes such as “Maruseki Cafe” on Okamura island, “Cafe with books Nerori no Shima (closed)” on Osaki-shimojima island, “Shipyard cafe Wakacho”, and “Shiomachikan” have been opened one after another. It must be the real pleasure of Tobishima Kaido to enjoy the leisurely flow of time on the island.


OkamuraMaruseki CafeOnly cafe in Okamura Island. Taste pound cakes with lemons, oranges. You
can enjoy several kinds of bread and their special coffee.
Osaki-shimojimaNerori no shima CafeA cafe attached to a factory brewing lemon oil at the port. Eat delicious lemon desserts while watching the view with boats.MAP
ToyoshimaOkonomiyaki MarichanCompletely it’s local okonomiyaki restaurant. It is very difficult to find a shop because it is in a narrow alley. But quite heartwarming.MAP
ToyoshimaShima Cafe KitataniThis cafe offer two type of food. Beef tendon curry and health pizza. They open 7:00 – 19:00.MAP
Kami-kamagariRestaurant Megumi-no-okaA popular restaurant that is very crowded on weekends. A special lunch set using local ingredients is very delicious. Pretty recommended.MAP
Kami-kamagariUdon HaraSmall udon noodle shop with roadside food truck.MAP
Shimo-kamagariCafe LuethuyiIt’s clean and modern-styled cafe by the seaside. The speciality is rice served in the bowl topped with roast beef.MAP








English Cycling MAP


Our company “Cyclotourisme Shimanami” publish and sell the Shimanami Kaido guidebooks and maps at our own expense. As a new attempt to revise the Tobishima Kaido cycling map, we have published it in both Japanese and English. Of course, it’s also sold at our guesthouse CYCLONOIE.


English Cycling map of Tobishima Kaido
Tobishima Toso Map


This map, “The Cycling Map through Setouchi Tobishima Kaido Islands” was actually created by a local cycling guide, and it took more than one year to publish. This is a large paper map of 2 sheets divided into West and East of the Tobishima Kaido.


Book jacket and 2 maps, east and west of Tobishima Toso Map
Book jacket and 2 maps, east and west


The coverage of Map1 and Map2 is as follows. Map1 West: Toyoshima, Kamikamagari, Shimokamagari. Map2 East: Osakishimojima, Osakikamijima, Okamura.


Sample of Tobishima Toso map
Sample of Tobishima Toso Map (West)


This map contains information necessary for Tobishima Kaido cycling, distance, elevation difference, gourmet and lodging information, etc.




A tandem bicycle trip around the world of Mr. and Mrs. Utsunomiya Kazunari and Tomoko
Tandem bike trip by Mr. and Mrs. Utsunomiya


As a side note, the author, Kazunari Utsunomiya, is a bicycle travel specialist who has traveled 88 countries by tandem bicycle in 10 years. After returning to Japan, he is engaged in activities to revitalize cycle tourism in the Shimanami Kaido and its surrounding areas.


Please stop by our guesthouse CYCLONOIE and get a cycling map before you leave for Tobishima Kaido cycling. I hope your bike trip will be wonderful !










When cycling the Tobishima Kaido based in Imabari city, Ehime prefecture, it is common to take a ferry or passenger ship from Imabari port to Okamura port.


ー Ferry route
Routes of ships that can carry bicycles

● Blue
Main ports



Ships can carry bikes?


From February 1, 2017, the passenger ship “Tobishima”, which can carry bicycles, started operation, making it convenient not only for the ferry “Sekizen” but also for passenger ships. Currently, all ships from Imabari Port to Okamura Port support bicycle loading.


the passenger ship "Tobishima" can load up to 10 bicycles in the dedicated space behind
The passenger ship “Tobishima”


The ferry “Sekizen” can load cars, motorcycles and bicycles, and the passenger ship “Tobishima” can load up to 10 bicycles in the dedicated space behind. If you want to load your bike on a ferry or a passenger ship, buy a boarding fee and a bike ticket at the port.



Ferry timetable?


If you plan to cycle the Tobishima Kaido and return to Imabari port, be sure to check the timetable of the return ship. Here is a summary of the timetables for ferries and passenger ships that can load bicycles on the Tobishima Kaido.


to OkamuraTobishimaSekizenTobishimaSekizenSekizenTobishimaSekizenTobishima
Imabari port7:208:259:3012:0014:4515:3017:5019:00
Okamura port8:189:2510:2813:2016:0516:2819:1019:58



to ImabariTobishimaSekizenTobishimaSekizenTobishimaSekizenSekizenTobishimaChange at Munakata
Okamura port6:206:508:309:3512:3013:3016:1517:3518:05
Imabari port7:188:109:2810:5513:2814:3017:3518:3319:55


Sekizen:ferry Tobishima:passenger ship
※Contact information for ship operation status, etc … Imabari Port TEL:0898-31-9310(6:00-18:40)


Please be sure to check each official website and facebook etc for the latest information.


The last ship, the ship departing from Omishima Port at 18:05, will take longer than other ships because there is a waiting time for transfer for about 30 minutes after disembarking at Manakata port on Omishima island. Make sure to return to Okamura port with plenty of time for the return ship.








Rental Bike


Since the first full-scale rental bicycle service on the Tobishima Kaido started on August 10, 2017, it has become easier to make a plan to enjoy the Tobishima Kaido on a rental bicycle. There are three main options for travelers to rent a bicycle and enjoy the Tobishima Kaido.


Bicycle rental services

Tobishima Rental Bike
Tobishima Rental Bike
Shimanami Rental Bike
Shimanami Rental Bike
GIANT store
GIANT store

For beginners, we recommend the “Tobishima Rental Bike” which also handles vehicle dispatch, drop-off, and on-site repairs for flat tires. For those who plan to cycle in combination with Shimanami Kaido and Tobishima Kaido, I think that rental bicycles such as Shimanami Rental Cycle and GIANT Store will be an option.


● Blue
Tobishima Rental Bike

● Light blue
Dispatch / drop-off points of Tobishima Rental Bike

● Dark gray
Terminal of Shimanami Rental Bike(excerpt)

● Light gray
Giant store


Now, let me introduce the features and details of each bicycle rental services.



Tobishima Rental Bile


Option① Until 2017, there was no bicycle rental service on the Tobishima Kaido, like the Shimanami Kaido, where you can rent a bicycle at various points along the route, so if you want to use a rental cycle, you can rent a bicycle for the Shimanami Kaido. The only way was to use it. However, from August 10, 2017, this rental cycle service “Tobishima Rental Bike” that allows one-way riding with advance reservations has started.


Is one-way cycling possible?


Tobishima rental bike require advance reservations, and bicycles can be dispatched or dropped off at each point of Okamura port, Oocho port, Ocho port, Kenminnohama Beach, Shimo-kamagari Cottage Kajigahama, and JR Nigata Station. In other words, if you make a reservation in advance, the employee will bring the bicycle to the specified point at the specified time. You can drop off the bicycle at the specified point as well. It is a very convenient system for those who are planning one-way cycling.


How much does a rental bicycle cost?


The price of Tobishima Rental Bike varies depending on the type of electric bike, cross bike, small wheel bike or children’s bike, and whether it is a 3 hours plan or an 8 hours plan. Helmet rental is included in all plans.


Bike type3 hours8 hours
Electric bike1,500 yen3,000 yen
Cross bike, Small wheel bike1,000 yen2,000 yen
Kid’s bike500 yen1,000 yen


For those who want to run or make a round trip while sightseeing on the Tobishima Kaido, it is common to rent a bicycle with 8 hours plan. In addition, if you plan to have your bicycle dispatched to a designated place or drop it off, an additional fee will be charged for each bicycle. In other words, there is no additional charge only if you rent or return at the reception ”Shimo-kamagari Cottage Kajigahama”.


Additional feeEach bike
Dispatched1,000 yen
Drop-off1,000 yen


For example, if you request one cross bike to be dispatched to Okamura Port, rent it for 8 hours, and then drop it off at JR Nigata station (That means one-way cycling), the rental fee is 2,000 yen + the dispatch fee is 1,000 yen + the drop-off fee is 1,000 yen. It will be 4,000 yen in total. For reservations and inquiries, please contact ”Shimo-kamagari Cottage Kajigahama” on Shimo-kamagari island.


Cottage Kajigahama
839-16, Shimojima, Shimo-kamagari cho, Kure city, Hiroshima pref.
TEL 080-2927-2504



Shimanami Rental Bike


Option② At JR Imabari Station, you can rent a bicycle from “Shimanami rental Bike” where you can return your bicycle at 10 terminals on the islands of Shimanami Kaido and Onomichi. This service is convenient for those who want Onomichi or Imabari to be the final destination for cycling, such as round-trip cycling on the Tobishima Kaido.


It should be noted that this is a service specialized for Shimanami Kaido, so there is no terminal in the Tobishima Kaido area. In addition, the Tobishima Kaido area is is outside the support area.


For inquiries and advance reservations?


Reservations can be made on ”Shimanami Japan” website except when the event is held or during the busy season. However, it seems that the number of bicycles reserved in advance is limited. If you haven’t made a reservation, go directly to the terminal that morning.


Shimanami Japan
1-4-1, Bekku cho, Imabari city, Ehime pref.
TEL 0848-22-3911


How much does a rental bicycle cost?


Cross-bikes with helmets are available. The rental fee is 3,000 yen / day. The deposit system will be abolished in September 2023, with a simpler fee structure. Previously, your deposit was refunded if you returned your bike to the same terminal.


FeeAdultElementary school students and younger
Cross-bikes3,000 yen / day1,000 yen / day


Bicycles other than these, such as electrically assisted bicycles, may be rented at limited terminals, or may not be rented for more than two days.


JR Imabari station cycling terminal


JR Imabari Station Cycling Terminal (i.i.imabari Cycle Station)
JR Imabari Station Cycling Terminal


“JR Imabari station cycling terminal” is a 1-minute walk from our guesthouse “Cyclonoie”. The terminal opens at 8 a.m., so you may not be in time for the 8:25 ferry, but you can board the 9:30 boat to Okamura island.


location of the JR imabari Station CYCLING Terminal


Please note that the rental cycle terminal at Imabari port was abolished in 2022 and is no longer available.



GIANT store


Option③ The official stores of “Giant” are located in both Imabari and Onomichi, and offer bicycle rental services. The Giant Store at Imabari Station opens at 9 a.m., so it may be difficult to rent a bicycle and then take some boats to the Tobishima Kaido in the morning.


Got a bike at Giant store


Recommended for those who rent a bicycle for a few days and cycle on both the Shimanami Kaido and Tobishima Kaido. “Giant Store Imabari” at JR Imabari Station is a 1-minute walk from our guesthouse “Cyclonoie”.


location of the Giant store Imabari


The daily rental fee is 5,000 yen for aluminum road bikes and 7,000 yen for carbon road bikes, which is a little higher than the public bicycle rental service, but you can rent high quality bicycles from the pro shop.


Bike type2 days1 day
Aluminum road bike80005000
Carbon road bike120007000
Premium carbon road bike2000013000
Cross bike65004000
E-bike (Electric)1600010000



GIANT store Imabari
1-729-8, Kita-horai cho, Imabari city〈in JR Imabari sta.〉
TEL 0898-25-1175
Open 9:00~19:00
Closed: every Tuesday


GIANT store Onomichi
5-11, nishi-gosyo cho, Onomichi city〈in ONOMICHI U2〉
TEL 0848-21-0068
Open 9:00~19:00










The Tobishima Kaido is improving the cycling environment, but there are a few things to keep in mind, especially if you are a beginner and hire bicycles.


You have to deal with the trouble yourself


Problems such as flat tires are common when traveling by bicycle. In the case of Shimanami Kaido, there are relief services such as Shimanami Toso Rescue and Shimanami Cycle Saver, but Tobishima Kaido does not have these services either.


Also, there are no bicycle shops in this area, so you need to be able to handle puncture repairs yourself. In the worst case, you may end up in a situation where you have no choice but to hitchhiking a local truck and have your bike carried with you.


In this regard, the Tobishima Rental Bike operated by Cottage Kajigahama is recommended because it has on-site repair service for puncture problems.


Few supermarkets and convenience stores


There are extremely few shops such as supermarkets and convenience stores in the Tobishima Kaido area. Especially on weekends and holidays, some grocery stores are often closed, making it difficult to buy groceries during cycling.


Drinking water vending machines are also scattered in other parts of Japan, so I don’t think there will be any problems with hydration. There aren’t many restaurants and cafes, so check our cycling map (Tobishima Toso Map) for locations and regular holidays.


Check the final time of the ferry


As mentioned earlier, there are not many ships between Imabari Port and Okamura Port. If you miss the last ferry of the day, you will have no way to return to Imabari. Also, there aren’t many accommodations on the Tobishima Kaido, so it’s hard to stay overnight. You need to calculate and choose a route to make sure you are in time for the final ferry at 18:05.










Here are some sightseeing spots and scenic spots that you should definitely stop by when cycling the Tobishima Kaido. It is an area full of charm that is different from the Shimanami Kaido.


Mitarai Historical Townscape Preservation Area


A nostalgic town of Mitarai that retains the remnants of the Edo period
A nostalgic town of Mitarai that retains the remnants of the Edo period


When you arrive at Osaki-shimojima island, let’s get off the bicycle and take a walk in the town of Mitarai (御手洗). This town, which has prospered as a port city waiting for the tide since the Edo period, has a townscape that retains the remnants of that time. In particular, the building called “Wakaebisuya” is a building that you definitely want to stop by. If you go around the narrow alleys as well as the main street “Tokiwacho Dori”, you may discover something unexpected. (Tobishima Toso Map: East D5)


Oocho village


The streets of Oocho that haven't changed for decades
The streets of Oocho that haven’t changed for decades


A small village on Osaki-shimojima, Oocho (大長). It is a village where mandarin oranges are cultivated, which is known by the brand name of “Oocho Mikan” mandarin oranges. A very old pharmacy, Shiseido and Utsu Shrine will appear when you go through the narrow and intricate alleys. The small port of Oochothe also has the same appearance for decades. (Tobishima Toso Map: East D5)


Yamakiyo Orange


Drink and compare two types of orange juice at Yamakiyo
Drink and compare two types of orange juice


If you come to Oocho village, you definitely want to drink these two glasses. You can taste two kinds of raw orange juice at the orange direct sales shop “Yamakiyo” in the middle of the seaside route from Oocho to Mitarai. Moisturize your dry throat with a glass of luxurious juice for 100 yen. (Tobishima Toso Map: East D5)


Murokihara loop bridge


A spinning bridge with unique coloring Murokihara bridge
A spinning bridge with unique coloring


The loop bridge “Murokihara Bridge” is located in a little deeper place where you don’t even notice its existence just by running along the coastline of Toyoshima island. The unique cream and light blue design is photogenic. Why don’t you stop by to see the spectacular view from the top of the bridge? (Tobishima Toso Map: West H3)


Toyoshima-ohashi bridge


Superb view of the Seto Inland Sea from Toyoshima-ohashi bridge
Superb view of the Seto Inland Sea from Toyoshima-ohashi bridge


“Toyoshima-ohashi bridge” is a suspension bridge that connects Toyoshima island and Kami-kamagari island and spans the highest point on the Tobishima Kaido. The long slope leading to the bridge may be a difficult point for cycling on the Tobishima Kaido. However, the view of the ocean waiting for you after climbing. That is one of the best views from the bridge on the Tobishima Kaido. With the winding road under your eyes, the wide blue sea and the views of the small islands are exceptional. (Tobishima Toso Map: West G3)


Oura seaside route


The most beautiful beach in Oura and Toyoshima-ohashi bridge
The most beautiful beach in Oura and Toyoshima-ohashi bridge


After crossing the Toyoshima-ohashi bridge from Toyoshima island to Kami-kamagari island, go down the narrow road on the right just before entering the tunnel. The seaside route to Kenminnohama beach, commonly known as the “Oura seaside route,” is completely flat and you can cycle while looking out at the beautiful sea. Beautiful beaches are scattered along the way, so it is a must-visit. (Tobishima Toso Map: West F3 – F4)










Again, there aren’t many shops and convenience stores on the islands of Tobishima Kaido, and there aren’t many restaurants and cafeterias where you can eat lunch. Pre-checking the lunch spot is mandatory.


Okonomiyaki Mari chan


Super-local okonomiyaki restaurant in Toyoshima
Super-local okonomiyaki restaurant in Toyoshima


“Ah? It’s supposed to be around here.” I got lost in the back alleys of Toyoshima and arrived at the okonomiyaki restaurant “Mari chan”. I might not have been able to find it unless the old man living on the island told me to turn there to go to the okonomiyaki restaurant. There is a lively voice, a sizzling sound and the smell of sauce from inside the store. In addition to the special okonomiyaki, Toyoshima ramen made with cutlass fish is also popular with cyclists. (Tobishima Toso Map: West H3)


New Tobishimakan


New Tobishimakan at Ocho port
New Tobishimakan at Ocho port


At “New Tobishimakan#, located in Ocho port (not Oocho port, confusing name…) on Osaki-shimojima island, there is a space for selling a few souvenirs and a space for eating and drinking. It was closed once in 2019, but recently it is being used as a glamping facility. (Tobishima Toso Map: East C5)


Megumi no oka Restaurant


A restaurant highly recommended as a lunch spot on the Tobishima Kaido
A restaurant highly recommended as a lunch spot on the Tobishima Kaido


The popular restaurant “Megumi no oka Restaurant” on Kami-kamagari island is one of my most recommended lunch spots. It is a dining room in “Megumi no oka Kami-kamagari” on a scenic hill that climbs a little slope from the coast. It seems that many people come by drive because they can eat lunch with many small bowls made from local ingredients at a reasonable price. (Tobishima Toso Map: West F4)


Ramen Tokumori


Nostalgic soy sauce flavor, island ramen
Nostalgic soy sauce flavor, island ramen


The most famous ramen shop in this area, Ramen Tokumori. Lunch time is always full of locals. It seems that there are many fans of inari sushi ordered with ramen. Please try the simple ramen of Osakikamijima, which you can’t eat without crossing by boat. (Tobishima Toso Map: East E2)










The number of fashionable cafes on each island of Tobishima Kaido has been increasing rapidly in the last few years! Here are 4 cafes where you can fully enjoy the unique atmosphere of the island, which is perfect for a break during cycling. Many cafes have few open days, so it is essential to check in advance on business days.


Cafe Wakacho


Lemon sweets in a historic building
Lemon sweets in a historic building


Wakacho is a cafe which utilizes the historical inn for sailors of the Edo period, where tourists can enjoy traditional Japanese architecture and sea views. It is located in the historical townscape preservation area of Mitarai, Osaki-shimojima island. It is open only on weekends. Especially, the view from the tatami room on the 2nd floor is wonderful, and you can eat Japanese sweets using lemon while feeling the view of the sea spreading in front of you and the sea breeze. (Tobishima Toso Map: East D5)


Cafe Neroli no shima


Ocho Port was wrapped in the scent of lemon
Ocho Port was wrapped in the scent of lemon


“Nerori no Shima” is a cafe with a lemon essential oil workshop on the 2nd floor of Ocho port (Osaki-shimojima island). From the essential oil workshop that uses lemons from the island, the nice scent of lemons drifts. The cafe has a collection of books selected by Mr. Horibe, the owner of the famous bookstore “Seikosha” in Kyoto. While enjoying the sweets made with lemon and the coffee of the original blend that has been specially roasted, when you look at the scenery of the ships coming and going, you just end up staying longer. (Currently temporarily closed)




Sightseeing base in the town of Mitarai
Sightseeing base in the town of Mitarai


“Shiomachikan” is located in the townscape conservation area of Mitarai, Osaki-shimojima island, which opened in 2015. In addition to selling local souvenirs and original goods, you can take a relaxing break in the cafe space. Information on sightseeing and walking in the Mitarai area can also be collected here.


Maruseki Cafe


Nice cafe run by a couple who moved to Okamura Island
Nice cafe run by a couple who moved to Okamura Island


Maruseki Cafe is a cafe that Mr. and Mrs. Narita, who moved from Tokyo as a community revitalization cooperation team, started as one of the efforts to energize Okamura Island. At this cafe, you can take a break with home-roasted coffee and homemade sweets made with Nel drip. In particular, the grilled pudding “Himekko pudding” in egg shells and the island’s blessed pound cake set “Shimanowa Sweets Plate” (Saturday and Sunday only) are very popular with cyclists visiting the Tobishima Kaido. (Tobishima Toso Map: East E5)



*Other restaurants and cafes scattered in the Tobishima Kaido area are introduced in the “Tobishima Toso MAP”.










The first guesthouse on the Tobishima Kaido has opened in the Mitarai, townscape conservation area on Osaki-shimojima island. Please stay on the island and enjoy the Tobishima Kaido to your heart’s content. Many bike tourists are planning to go cycling on the Tobishima Kaido based on accommodations in Imabari City and Omishima island.


Guesthouse Kusushi


Guesthouse Kusushi on Tobishima Kaido
Guesthouse Kusushi on Tobishima Kaido


Guest house “Kusushi” opened in 2017 on Tobishima Kaido. This accommodation facility is a reused building of the former Ochi Clinic, which has a light blue and orange color that stands out among the townscape conservation areas of Mitarai. This is the first guesthouse-type accommodation facility on the Tobishima Kaido.


Guesthouse Cyclonoie (Imabari city)


Guesthouseu CYCLONOIE
Guesthouseu CYCLONOIE in front of JR Imabari station


Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, is a town that connects the Shimanami Kaido and Tobishima Kaido, the Hamakaze Kaido that connects to Dogo Onsen, and these cycling spots. Please stay at the guest house “Cyclonoie”, which is located in front of JR Imabari Station and loves to travel by bicycle. We are waiting for you with plenty of cycling information in this area.








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Lots of tourists who enjoy cycling and have cycled the Shimanami Kaido and Tobishima Kaido stay at our Gusethouse Cyclonoie, so why not come and share your experiences with us and our guests! We are always happy when people share their feelings and thoughts of both the Seto Inland Sea and the Shimanami Kaido. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying “It was an amazing experience”, or that “It was an awesome cycling route” or that “It was one of your best experiences in Japan!”, you wouldn’t be the first! As residents of the Shimanami Kaido and bicycle enthusiasts, these happy sentiments are always encouragement for us working here and we really hope we can be of some help to you when you are planning your trip.  We, the staff at Cyclonoie are looking forward to meeting you! Thanks for reading and safe travels!




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